Bingaman Hess Company Directory

   Attorney Directory

  Kurt Althouse Ext 8221
  Mahlon J. Boyer Ext 8223
  G. Christopher Eves Ext 8224
  Eric J. Fabrizio Ext 8225
  Thomas A. Rothermel Ext 8230
  Melissa A. Krishock Ext 8228
  Mark G. Yoder Ext 8222

   Office Directory

  Eric A. Barr Administrator Ext 8220
  Cindy Boaman Adm. Assistant Ext 8235
  Cruzita Lenhart Adm. Assistant Ext 8236
  Anita Poch Paralegal Ext 8233
  Dave Thomas Assistant to the Administrator Ext 8237
  Peter Torres Paralegal Ext 8243
  Margaret R. Westley Paralegal Ext 8240
  Donna Longenecker Paralegal Ext 8238